Kerama Airport

Kerama Airport at Fukaji island

Airport Profile
Kerama airport was approved for developmentconstructed as a non-public airport under the construction and management of a private company, Kokyo Shisetsu Chizu Koku, in February 1982. The first phase of construction was launched in March and private airlines started operating in July of the same year.
In April 1983, two-way ad-hoc flights between Naha and Kerama were approved and the airport was to have regular flights. However, in 1986 the operators ceased flights due to bankruptcy. Zamami village succeeded in negotiating with related officials to resume operations, so Ryukyu Air Commuter was founded. The company began operating limited two-way ad-hoc flights in February 1987.
In order to contribute to the remote island’s social stabilityisland people’s livelihood island’s socioeconomic status and regional promotion, the Okinawa Prefectural Government designated Kerama airport as a type-3 public airport (to be installed and governed by the prefecture) and brought it into service in November 1994.



Kerama AirportSpecifics of the Airport

Classification Third class airport
Administrative body Government of Okinawa prefecture
Location Shimajiri-gun,Zamami-son,Okinawa Prefecture
Reference point 26010'06"N , 127017'36"E
Elevation 47.5m
Site area 129,732m2
Runway steip length:920m width:60m , Class H
Runway length:800m width:25m N15044'55"
Taxiway length:30m width:9m
Apron 3,000m2 , 3berths for STOL aircraft
Lighting facilities PAPI and RTHIL
Aeronautical aid facilities -
Servicehours 08:00through18:00(10hours)


1982/ 2/10 Permission for the establishment of Kerama Airfield (for non-public purposes) was granted.(runway 800m, body of establishment:Public Facilities Maps and Aviation, Inc.)
1982/ 7/15 Commercial services of the airfield commenced. (runway 800m)
1986/ 1/28 Permission for transferring the rights of establishment and administration of Kerama Airfield was granted.(transferred to Ryukyu Air Commuter co.)
1992/ 4/ 1 The rights of establishment and administration of Kerama Airfield was transferred to the Government of Okinawa prefecture.
1992/11/17 Permission for the establishment of Kerama Airfield was granted.(for public purposes)(runway 800m,body of establishment:Government of Okinawa Prefecture)
1992/11/26 Specified Third class airport by Cabinet Order
1994/11/10 Commercial services commenced (runway 800m)

Other places

Fukaji Island observation deck
There is a small small through to near the entrance of the airport building of Kerama Airport, soon will arrive to vantage gazebo and follow this small way.