Snorkeling Tokashiki Island

The sea of ​​Takashiki has high transparency (transparency of 50 meters) even in Okinawa, more than 90% of coral in Okinawa is inhabited.
In Ajaren beach where white sand lasts as long as 800 meters, you can see a wide variety of fish in the place 3 meters deep.
Even those who experience for the first time are sure to experience the aquarium-like world seen through masks (underwater glasses)!
Taste this impression with your own eyes!

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Humpback Whale Tokashiki island
Humpback Whales move from northern sea to warmer sea for propagation from January to April.
Kayaking Tokashiki island
From Aharen Beach (Ajalen) beach, take a sea kayak and row out to the sea!
Diving Tokashiki island
The ocean of Tokashiki Island is blue clearly, the field of view in the water is almost unchanged from the ground, so transparency is about three f