Zamami-son Village

Symbol of Zamami-son

The village is around 60-minute by passenger speedboat or two-hour away by ferry from Tomari port in Naha. Zamami village is made up of several islands that compose the western half of the KERAMA Island Chain. There are only three inhabited islands served by the Zamami-son village: Zamami, Aka, and Geruma islands, all of which are fringed by coral reefs and surrounded by crystal clear waters known as Kerama Blue. This village is also famous as one of the world's leading diving spots, which attracts lots of divers. Whale watching is another popular leisure in winter when humpback whales come by the sea near the islands. They can be observed from the islands' view decks in the islands.

Zamami island (port and village)

Zamami island (port and village)

A seat of Zamami which was stylized, navy blue and yellow richness of the island, compartment and the center of Yokoga that together in a circle that symbolizes the development of not only the peace of the island. (Enacted May 1, 1966)  In 1979 Zamami was specified as an Okinawa coast Quasi-National Park. And in 2005 inland sea between Zamami Island and Aka Island was registered as Ramsar site.

Historically, Zamami belongs to the Ryukyu Kingdom and known as a trading outpost between China and the Ryukyu Kingdom, as well as being the birthplace of the Okinawa bonito fishing industry. The people of Zamami village live in three islands (Zamami Island, Aka Island and Geruma Island) and add up to a population of about 1000 people. Each island has many observatories and sightseeing points .The view from those points is one of deep green uninhabited islands bordered by pure white sand,surrounded by the ocean, which colored from dark navy blue to bright emerald green. There is no question that these beautiful views will remain in your heart as visions of paradise.

On Aka and Geruma Islands you can also encounter the Kerama Deer, an endangered species that only lives on the Kerama Island Chain. Humpback whales also come to the islands for breeding and to raise their children during the winter. More than 80,000 tourists visit the village every year, with many people visiting repeatedly.

Important telephone numbers


  • Police box (at Zamami island) 098-836-0110 (Extension533)
  • Medical institution
    •   Zamami clinic (at Zamami island)     098-987-2024
      •     Holiday and nighttime  098-987-2311 Zamami Village Office
    •   Aka clinic (at Aka island)            098-987-2002
      •     Holiday and nighttime  098-987-2311 Zamami Village Office
    •   Zamami dental clinic(at Zamami island)098-896-4575
  • Ship reservation and change(at Naha)     098-868-4567
  • Financial institution
    •   Zamami post office(at Zamami island) 098-987-2221
    •   Aka post office(at Aka island)     098-987-2101
    •  *The ATM machines are open Monday-Friday8:45am-5:30pm Saturday9:00am-5:00pm
  • Tourist Information Center(at Zamami island)098-987-2277



Other places

Takatsukiyama Recreational Ground
At around the top of Mt. Takatsukiyama (131 meters), there is a recreational ground with a sidewalks and a view deck, where you can enjoy the panoramic scenery composed of the archipelago seascape of the Kerama Islands
This site provides a panoramic view of the sea on the north side of Zamami Isalnd. When the weather is clear, you can see Aguni, Tonaka, and Kume Islands.
This view deck is located in the west of Zamami Island.
Inazaki observatory
Inasaki Observation Tower is in the north of Zamami island, facing sheer cliffs. You can enjoy watching Humpback Whales which approachthe Kerama Islands for propagation from January to April.
Kozamami Beach
It is Kozamami Beach or Old Zamami Beach that is seen from Takatsuki mountain of Zamami island. It has a variety of colorful tropical fish and corals, which you can enjoy by snorkeling.
Ama Beach
In the southwest of Zamami Island there is Ama Beach. Because it is shallow for some distance from the shore, it is suitable for swimming or snorkeling.
Furuzamami Beach
This is an extended stretch of white-sand beaches along the south coast of Zamamijima Island.
Takatsuki Mountain observation deck
Takatsukiyama (Takatsuki mountain) is 137 meters above sea level, with a whole view of Kerama Strait.
Kami no Hama (God's beach) Observation Tower
Kami no Hama (God's beach) Observation Tower is in the northern most area, on which you can see Kerama Islands.
Marilyn's Statue on Zamami island
On the road from Zamami port to Ama beach you will see a “waiting statue” of Marilin who is impatient when her lover Shiro from Aka island who is