Adan tree

Adan tree

Adan tree

Adan tree grows neer wather sources - rivers and beaches of Kerama islands.

The fruit of Adan tree is edible, but it isn't tasty.



Amami Island,Tokunoshima Island,Okinoerabu Island,Okinawa Island,Zamami Island,Kume Island,Ishigaki Island,Iriomote Island,Yonaguni Island,Uotsuri Island

Sumihiko Hatsushima,Tetso Amano"Flora of the Ryukyus,south of Amami Island"(Okinawa Seibutsu Gakkai)


Crested leopard (Chipappa)

In evergreen perennial plant of the Asteraceae, large round leaves green shiny in is characterized.

Easter lily

Easter lily

Easter lily in Tokashaki island

If you are native widely in almost all areas of the Northern Hemisphere is so there is a wild species of about 12 kinds in Japan.


In the button Department of evergreen shrubs, it is so often seen in the sunny foothills and pine forest.

Rhaphiolepis umbellata

Evergreen to growth on the coast of the warm season in rhaphiolepis umbellata genus of the rose family is a shrub.

Hibiscus (Chinar)

Hibiscus in Tokashiki

Is a typical tropical flowers and trees in the Malvaceae of evergreen broad-leaved shrub.


Kerama Tsutsuji

Bud of Keramatsutsuji

Evergreen shrub of the azalea family, is the Ryukyu archipelago unique azalea.

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