Easter lily

Easter lily
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Easter lily

Easter lily in Tokashaki island

If you are native widely in almost all areas of the Northern Hemisphere is so there is a wild species of about 12 kinds in Japan.

Its representatives also say Easter lily has bloom like flowers of pure white trumpet from an early April have grows wild everywhere in Tokashiki.
And do an eye on the rocks on both sides of the mountain at the time of entry into port in Tokashiki Port, you will see the blooming white.
And to explore the village road you can also enjoy the scent of lilies that bloom on the bank. There is also be used in flower arrangement to be decorated next to the podium of the entrance ceremony, it seems to celebrate the new students in the full through the venue in the lily scent.

Easter lily is so have also been used as a medicinal herb has been referred to as "lily (urna)". And prescribe what was brewed by drying the bulbs to cough, mix the vinegar to that of the raw is so or use as a poultice to the sore throat and bruises.