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In the button Department of evergreen shrubs, it is so often seen in the sunny foothills and pine forest.

Indochina from the Ogasawara Islands, but there are all kinds height widely distributed in the Philippines also from much of those 30cm to those made to two meters position, it seems that strong glory bush to relatively cold are widely cultivated.
It seems kind of glory bush also those that are native to Tokashiki, it seems there is a difference depending on the environment, such as those that extend to things and vine-like, which extends to crawl on the ground. Petal color of the common ones than flowers in pale pink seems to be a little thick. Time of flowers, seen through around June from around May, can be observed well in the petting facilities around the forest road along and Murado Maedake line.

This place, it is recommended to be walking slowly with your lunch because it is a facility that can also break in a very nice view.