Aharen Beach

Aharen Beach

Aharen Beach in Tokashiki Island
Aharen Beach in Tokashiki Island

In the south of Aharen Village there is Aharen Beach, and it is surrounded by a lot of mysterious stones and rocks which were formed by wind and rain. It is about 800 meter long with white sand, and not to mention, it is crowded with people in summer. Irresistibly Beautiful Aharen Beach The most attractive part of Tokashiki Island is its translucent sea. It is one of the world's finest seas, with coral reefs and transparency as deep as 50 meters. On the perimeter of the island lie several beaches full of pristine white sand. And the northern part of this beach is well known as suitable spot for snorkeling. Marin shop eaves when it comes to the season, will show the bustle seems to tropical. Also equipped with toilet and shower room, also rental of such umbrellas has been enhanced, it is just wrapped in an atmosphere reminiscent of a  tropical paradise.

In Aharen Village in the west of Tokashiki Island, there is Aharen Promenade which is about 1.5 kilometers long. Aharen Observation Tower stands in Teruyama on the middle part of this road. You can see Kerama Islands such as Aka Is. or Zamami Is. from the top of this tower. The wonderful sight is beyond description. In February, Tsutsujis (Azaleas) bloom all over around this tower, which allows you to come into contact with nature.


Aharen Beach

Aharen Beach

About 30 minutes from Tokashiki Port by car (general road)

Parking: Fully-equipped accommodation number 20 cars (free)

Street address: Yubinbango901-3502 Okinawa Prefecture Tokashiki-son Aharen

Contact Tokashiki-son Affairs Division
phone number 098-987-2321
FAX 098-987-3085


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This recreational ground is located in the southernmost part of Tokashiki Island, being provided with a sidewalks and a view deck.
From this recreational ground, you can enjoy a view of a beautiful white coral sand beach as well as the transparent sea.
Teruyama Recreational Ground
This recreational ground is provided with a sidewalks and a view deck, where you can enjoy the panoramic scenery of the sea around Tokashiki Island, Tokashiku Beach, and Aharen Beach.
Commemorating the Okinawa's reversion to Japanese administration on 15 May 1972, this facility was built on Tokashiki Island as a symbol of peaceful use of old US military bases.
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A Sabani Boat Berthing at the Harbor Tokashiki Island floats on the East China Sea, 32 km west of Naha.
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Coral Fences Remain on the Island Tokashiki Island has a tragic history of war that burned the entire island, including houses and mountains, wherein 329 inhabitants committed mass suicide.