Tokashiku Beach

Tokashiku Beach

Tokashiku beach

Tokashiku Beach located at WatariYoshimi Sik district, it's also called WatariYoshimi Sik beach. It faces Kerama Inland Sea. The white sand beach is very beautiful. Its 50 ~ 60 meters transparency makes it as splendid as professional or amateur divers and photographers pay attention from all over the world. In summer, you can enjoy marine sports such as undersea walking or personal water crafts. Some training programs such as canoe paddling or undersea exploring are provided at a campsite near this beach.

Tokashiku Beach can be found roughly in the center of the western part of Tokashiki Island. It is a great spot for those wishing to spend time leisurely in a fairly quiet environment. Indeed, there are so many attractive features such as the emerald green sea, white sands, green beach plants, and the ever-changing coastline.

Other places

Tokashiki Village
Tokashiki-son Village includes more than ten islands, such Tokashiki Island, Mae Island, Kuro Island, and Keise Island (Chibi
This recreational ground is located in the southernmost part of Tokashiki Island, being provided with a sidewalks and a view deck.
From this recreational ground, you can enjoy a view of a beautiful white coral sand beach as well as the transparent sea.
Teruyama Recreational Ground
This recreational ground is provided with a sidewalks and a view deck, where you can enjoy the panoramic scenery of the sea around Tokashiki Island, Tokashiku Beach, and Aharen Beach.
Commemorating the Okinawa's reversion to Japanese administration on 15 May 1972, this facility was built on Tokashiki Island as a symbol of peaceful use of old US military bases.
Hanari Island
Hanari Island is located in the East China Sea, and belongs to the Kerama Archipeligo in the Okinawa Archipeligo. The area is about .0917 square km.
Aharen Beach
In the south of Aharen Village there is Aharen Beach, and it is surrounded by a lot of mysterious stones and rocks which were formed by wind and rain.
A Sabani Boat Berthing at the Harbor
A Sabani Boat Berthing at the Harbor Tokashiki Island floats on the East China Sea, 32 km west of Naha.
Coral Fences Remain
Coral Fences Remain on the Island Tokashiki Island has a tragic history of war that burned the entire island, including houses and mountains, wherein 329 inhabitants committed mass suicide.